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River Cruise Destinations of Europe



Rhine River Cruises
Raise a glass of Riesling to our acclaimed Rhine River cruises through Switzerland, Germany and The Netherlands. See how the Rhine, Main and Moselle river systems unfold to create a spellbinding display of storybook villages, Dutch windmills, German vineyards and Gothic cities.

Highlights of the Rhine River
A Rhine River cruise takes you into the heart of Middle Europe, where stately castles, fairytale villages and cultural centers have long been witnesses to history. The river’s banks are brimming with historic treasures, natural beauty and vibrant capitals. Here are a few highlights Viking reveals to you:

Amsterdam’s charming canals and gabled houses
Windmills of Kinderdijk, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
Cologne’s Gothic Dom
Rüdesheim’s wine-growing region
Marksburg Castle, perched above scenic Braubach
Multicultural Strasbourg
Breathtaking views of the legendary Black Forest
The distinct French-German culture of Alsace
Mythical Lorelei Rock at the Middle Rhine Gorge
Stunning Heidelberg, inspiration to writers and philosophers


Danube River Cruises

Coursing through Germany, Austria, Hungary and seven other countries all the way to the Black Sea, the Danube is the soul of Central Europe. Join us along these culture-rich banks, whose scenic vineyards, ancient monasteries and elegant cities have inspired travelers for centuries.

Highlights of the Danube River
A Danube River cruise unveils Europe’s rich and dramatic history. Glittering cultural capitals, lush vineyards, magnificent monasteries and endless scenic splendor line the river’s banks. Here are some sample highlights you will see with Viking:

Enchanting Passau, set where three rivers meet
Lush vineyards of the Wachau Valley
The baroque splendor of Melk Abbey
Vienna’s elegant architecture
The splendid Benedictine Abbey of Göttweig
Scenic beauty of the picturesque Danube Bend
Budapest’s stunning Chain Bridge and Parliament Building
Soaring cliffs of the scenic Iron Gate
Romania’s rural culture and rich folklore
Belgrade’s impressive Kalemegdan Fortress


Main River Cruises

Winding between Mainz and Bamberg, the Main passes through 34 locks—16 more connect it to the Danube via the Main-Danube Canal. While this engineering feat enables river travel across the entire length of Europe, it also unlocks a trove of unspoiled landscapes and historic towns.

Highlights of the Main River
The scenic Main River seems to take its time on its circuitous route to the Rhine, twisting and arcing its way at a leisurely pace through Germany’s scenic landscapes. Throughout its past, it has served as a geographic and cultural divide, separating languages, cuisines and religions. Today, this lazy waterway is a source of pride for all Germans, lined with picturesque preserved forestland, sprawling vineyards and some of the nation’s most beloved cultural and historic landmarks. Here is a sample of what you may experience during a Viking Main river cruise:

The wide, undulating loops of the scenic Main River
Charming half-timbered houses in Miltenberg
The glassblowing tradition of Spessart
The enormous and ornate Bishops’ Residenz of Würzbrug
Picturesque Bamberg and its Town Hall built on a river’s bridge
Distinctive rauchbier, the local smoke-flavored beer
Toy-making heritage of Nuremberg
Nuremberg’s scenic Old Town and Market Square


Elbe River Cruises

Sail the Elbe to reaches seldom seen in Germany and the Czech Republic. Insights greet you at every bend as you explore majestic Berlin and Prague, delve into Wittenberg’s religious history and contrast the delicacy of Meissen porcelain with the rocky brawn of Saxon Switzerland.

Highlights of the Elbe River
The once divisive Elbe River is today a symbol of unity. Along this scenic river, East Germany became free, and cities that once lay in rubble now stand tall. With much of this breathtaking river unaltered by mankind, it is a truly inspirational waterway. Here are some sample highlights you will see with Viking:

Berlin’s ultra-modern, forward-thinking architecture
Rococo splendor of Potsdam
The incredibly preserved medieval city of Prague
Dresden’s baroque wonders, risen from wartime ashes
The natural beauty of the Elbe Biosphere Reserve
Saxon’s Switzerland’s monoliths of natural rock formations
Wittenberg, birthplace of the Protestant Reformation
Meissen’s famed porcelain factory


Moselle River Cruises

The romantic Moselle winds through an enchanting landscape of castles, picture-book villages and terraced slate hillsides that form one of the world’s richest wine regions. With a settled history that predates the Romans, it is yours to discover on one of our Moselle river cruises.

Highlights of the Moselle River
The Moselle River meets the Rhine at Koblenz, Germany. On the way, it weaves and twists from France, forms a natural boundary between Luxembourg and Germany and follows a sinewy path past breathtaking vistas of sloping vineyards. The Holy Roman Empire had one of its major capitals here, the magnificent city of Trier, and tidy villages emerged on its fertile shores to produce what would become some of the world’s most loved wines. Here are a few sample highlights of what awaits you on a Viking Moselle cruise:

Trier’s fascinating ruins from its days as a Roman capital
The fairytale charms of Bernkastel-Kues
Luxembourg City’s elegant and stately architecture
Wine-making traditions that date back 2,000 years
The stunning medieval town of Cochem
Millennium-old Reichsburg Castle, perched on a hillside
The quaint Old Town of Koblenz, where the Moselle and Rhine meet
The refined, sweet flavors of the world’s best Rieslings


Seine River Cruises

The Seine meanders on a serpentine path through the Norman countryside, an historic region of great pastoral beauty. Drift along dreamy apple orchards and medieval ruins. Explore elegant Paris. See Monet’s Giverny home. And honor World War II heroes on Normandy beaches.

Highlights of the Seine River
It is only 110 miles as the crow flies from Paris to the English Channel, but the Seine River snakes its way through 240 miles of magnificent Norman vistas. There is much to see as this waterway winds through France’s history: the riverside cultural monuments of Paris, scenic vistas that still today inspire great artists, farmlands that produce Calvados apple liqueur, and so much more. Here are some select highlights you will enjoy during a Seine river cruise:

The magnificent sights of Paris, from the Eiffel Tower to Notre Dame Cathedral
Claude Monet’s beautiful house and gardens at Giverny
Rouen’s spectacular Gothic cathedral
Normandy’s historic beaches, site of the 1944 D-Day landings
The remains of Château Gaillard, Richard the Lionheart’s castle
Napoleon’s final home, Château de Malmaison
Scenic farmlands dotted with Norman cows and half-timbered houses
Creamy samples of locally made Brie and Camembert cheeses


Rhone River Cruises

Enjoy the diverse pleasures of life along the Rhône with Viking. Savor Lyon, France’s gastronomic heart; the Beaujolais wine region; quaint Provençal villages; and historic Avignon and Arles. For those who love fine food, beauty and riveting history, Rhône cruises are pure bliss.

Highlights of the Rhône River
The Rhône River winds its way into France from the Rhône Glacier in Valais, Switzerland, meeting the Saône at Lyon. Its waters flow past some of the country’s most significant historic landmarks, some dating back to Roman times. Blanketed with lavender and sunflower fields that display their full color in summer, the Rhône’s Provence region has long been an inspiration to artists. Above all, its vineyards and farms produce France’s famed wines and cuisine. Here are a few sample highlights of a Rhône river cruise:

Avignon, “City of Popes,” and its historic palace
The massive Roman arena of Arles
Espace van Gogh, the Arles hospital that treated the artist
Charming riverside village of Viviers
The spectacular gorges of the Ardèche plateau
Lyon, France’s grand culinary capital
Distinctive wineries and cellars of Beaujolais


Saone River Cruises

Cruise the Saône with Viking, as gentle countryside and historic cities unfold before you. Savor Lyon, France’s traditional gastronomic capital. Taste ruby-red wines in the lush vineyards of Beaujolais and Burgundy. Join us to experience this rewarding corner of France, up close.

Highlights of the Saône River
The Saône River emerges from the hills of the Vosges department and flows for more than 280 miles before meeting the Rhône in Lyon. This scenic waterway courses past some of France’s most scenic panoramas and compelling cities that have seen the rise and fall of the Roman, Burgundian and Frankish Empires. Some of the most important churches of Europe were built upon its shores in the Middle Ages and its waters have nourished the famed vineyards of Burgundy and Beaujolais. Here are a few sample highlights of a Saône river cruise:

Gastronomic pleasures of Lyon, France’s culinary capital
Historic cobblestone streets of Old Lyon
Wine tastings in an atmospheric Beaujolais cellar
Lush vineyards of the Burgundy wine region
Stunning lavender and sunflower fields of Provence


Douro River Cruises

Our Portugal cruises uncover one of Europe’s oldest and most renowned wine regions. Cruise the Douro River through ancient wine estates, passing barcos rabelos laden with casks en route to Porto and Lisbon. A sublimely scenic corner of Europe, with equally sublime food and wine.


Highlights of the Douro River
Portugal famously prospered during its Age of Discovery and you will find monuments to this vibrant era everywhere. Port wine, too, put the nation on the maps of travelers and oenophiles. A Douro cruise with Viking brings it all into sharp focus for you, providing rich insight into fascinating highlights such as these:

Lisbon’s stunning Manueline architecture
Lisbon’s Moorish-flavored Alfama District
Ancient universities in Coimbra, Portugal and Salamanca, Spain
Port warehouses of Porto
Porto’s historic center, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
Scenic vineyard-laden hills along the Douro River
Vila Real’s extraordinary Mateus Palace
The hilltop fortress town of Castelo Rodrigo
The tiny village of Favaios, nestled among picturesque hills
Port wine tastings at elegant estates



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